Par Hélène Baratte le 10/3/2011 | Theme : Regulations

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I’ve always said, along with religion and politics, guarantors are one of those difficult subjects to address. As no-one is immune from an everyday accident that could lead to money being taken off their deposit, being a guarantor is not to be taken lightly.
The handwritten statements

I the undersigned, M........, by acting as joint and several guarantor for M........., undertake to repay the sums due by the tenant from my own income and personal assets in the event of the latter defaulting. I am therefore aware of the importance and scope of my engagement.

I hereby state that I am in possession of a copy of the lease under the terms of which the rent amount is..................; this includes a revision clause as follows..................

Finally, I have read and understood the first paragraph of article 22-1 of the law of 6 July 1989, which states:

"When the guarantee of obligations resulting from a tenancy agreement concluded in application of this Title contains no indication of the term or when it stipulates that the term of the guarantee is open-ended, the guarantor may terminate it unilaterally.

The termination shall take effect when the tenancy agreement expires, whether it is the initial agreement or an extended or renewed agreement, during which the landlord shall receive notification of the termination."

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