An inventory of inventories

Par Hélène Baratte le 10/3/2011 | Theme : Renting/house-sharing

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If a party objects to taking an inventory

For properties governed by the law of 6 July 1989, or in the case of unfurnished property constituting the tenant’s main place of residence, if one of the two parties (owner and tenant) 
objects to taking the inventory, the other party may appoint a bailiff,
by sending a registered letter to set an appointment at least seven days in advance.

In this case, the inventory fees are shared equally between the landlord and the tenant.

When one of the parties appoints a bailiff or other professional to draw up an inventory, where the other party has not objected to drawing up an inventory on an amicable basis, the inventory fees shall be payable in full by the party that appoints the professional.

For furnished lets, the owner may add a clause to the lease requiring the tenant to bear the full cost of the inventory.

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